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Thank you for your interest in our famous NZ Dry Food. Many kiwis are keen to support New Zealand companies and often look for organic products which can offer the best results. Ultra is very close to being organic although we are unable to use this as we do source our meat from normal grazed stock on fertilised NZ farmlands based in the Hawkes Bay.

The Ultra product has been developed in conjunction with a top NZ Animal Nutrionist Jenny Anderson in Kumeu. The product is approved (as a Premium food) by Massey University meeting International Standards set by AAFCO (American Feed Assoc).

Did you know that most brands of dry dog food are imported and are subject to very different manufacturing processes?

Ultra Dry Pet Food is 100% made in NZ using safe natural ingredients and is made every day in our factory in Auckland so it comes to you Ultra Fresh! - no long shipping delays from overseas!

Plus Ultra Dry Pet Food is not subject to falling exchange rates, costly shipping fuel charges, importation duties, & distributors which often result in the imported pet food being so expensive! We also dont believe in fancy over the top, expensive packaging that will eventually just end in the bin, we will rather pass more savings on to our loyal clients. Buy NZ Ultra for a more cost effective but still premium dog feed - saving you money and giving your dog a happier & healthier life!


Phone number: 0508 783 2584 


Address: Unit 4, 210 Swanson Road, Henderson, Auckland, 0610

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